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About Red Thread Brands

Creating connections through brand strategy and storytelling

The Red Thread Proverb

Many cultures have a proverb of a Red Thread connecting those destined to meet. The thread may stretch or tangle, but it will never break. Red thread brands is a company built on connection — the connections we make with each other and the connections we make with —and for— our clients.

As a company founded by seasoned veterans, we have observed how circumstances have brought people together at the right moments to create nothing short of magic. Whether with clients, employees, or partner companies, these connections are valued and strengthened. They are the basis for our success as a company and, we believe, all organizations and individuals alike.

The Red Thread is a representation of these connections —
to each other, to moments in time, to magic.

We are storytellers specializing in connection through fully integrated marketing and design. We use the tools of brand strategy, employee communications, social media, google ads, and website development to create connections between your company and your customers, your team, your community. Bring on the results & the joie de vivre.

The Tassel!

Individual threads combine together to form our tassel of independently passionate women with experience in a variety of industries. When we weave our experiences, passions, and capabilities together with our clients’, that’s the strike of the match.

meet the tassel