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eCommerce sales digital media strategy


Learn how we helped IFMA achieve a 3000%+ return on ad spend for their Credentials products.


The International Facility Management Association (IFMA) offers globally-recognized credentials for people in the facility management industry in an online, self-study format. IFMA engaged Red Thread Brands to help promote the credentials digitally for the first time, wanting to increase their online sales while keeping their cost per acquisition to $150. Through an updated messaging strategy and building strategic digital marketing campaigns from the ground up, we helped IFMA far exceed their goals over the course of three years.

Client: International Facility Management Association (IFMA)

Industries: Business, Industry Organization

Services: digital media strategy, paid social advertising, paid search, display, video campaigns, email marketing, website development

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We recommended combining IFMA’s statistics on the career benefits of earning credentials with testimonials to create stories that educate on the long-term value of the credentials, instead of explaining only what the credentials taught.

Digital email mockup on tablet
Digital email mockup on tablet

Red Thread also helped FMs convince their bosses to pay for or supplement the hefty cost of earning a credential by creating infographics to clearly present the organizational benefits of employing credentialed FMs.

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Video Testimonials

As a product with a premium purchase point and a multistage purchase funnel, IFMA needed to communicate to facility managers (FMs) the long-term value of investing in credentials. We gathered video testimonials at an industry conference so potential customers could hear directly from credentials-holders how the investment propelled their careers.

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Digital Media Strategy

We worked with IFMA to implement a digital strategy designed to reach facility managers at all stages of their careers, using a combination of channels and tactics: paid social advertising, paid search, display, video campaigns, email marketing, landing page development, print advertising and internal resources.

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Using selective targeting, including first-party data and internal email lists, allowed us to create many engaging touchpoints for digital awareness and grow the IFMA credentials audience.

email campaign

an annual return on ad spend of 3290.75%

Over the course of 3 years working with the credentials sales and marketing team, Red Thread was able to launch and optimize campaigns that resulted in a cost per digital conversion of $133.84 - a year-over-year reduction of over $100, and well under the goal of $150 cost/conversion. In addition, this exposure helped bring the overall cost-per-conversion to under $65, a reduction of nearly $140.

The campaigns over the course of the most recent fiscal year resulted in a 3290.75% return on ad spend.

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Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make, but about the stories you tell.
- Seth Godin