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Case Study

Integrated Marketing

Neighbors website on desktop and mobile

Neighbors Emergency Center saw a $1 reduction in cost per conversion and a 3x reduction in the cost per click while growing the conversion rate to 60% and a year-over-year increase of 2.3 average daily patient visits.


Neighbors Emergency Center was looking to refresh and expand their marketing efforts in the communities surrounding their locations, increasing awareness and interest in their centers as an ER of choice. Neighbors engaged with Red Thread for a brand refresh, paid advertising campaigns, organic social media management, and website management.

Client: Neighbors Emergency Center

Industries: Healthcare

Services: brand refresh, digital media strategy, paid social advertising, organic social media, website management

Neighbors Emergency Center updated brand guide

Brand Refresh

We refreshed the Neighbors color palette, photography style, and brand elements to align the brand more closely with the clean, relaxing centers and friendly, caring patient experience.

Updated Messaging

Messaging was updated to tell the story of the patient experience at a Neighbors Emergency Center through testimonials, community education, and brand storytelling.


Integrated Media

To combat a previous period of limited advertising, our goal was to raise awareness about Neighbors’ services through a variety of channels as quickly and efficiently as possible with a comprehensive integrated media plan.

social media
google display ads
Neighbors social media on mobile
Neighbors website on laptop

Website Optimization

We audited the website and then executed a plan to increase the SEO value and improve the patient user experience, focusing on the areas we could create the largest impact - the individual center locations pages.

3X reduction in cost per click + 60% conversion rate year-over-year increase of 2.3 average daily patient visits

Because healthcare isn’t a trackable online purchase, we tracked patient intent using call tracking and direction link clicks, as well as using device ID tracking to record in-person foot traffic. Over the course of 10 months, we saw growth in every metric tracked - traffic to the website, calls to centers, clicks for directions, ad clicks, conversion rates, and more. We also saw a reduction of $1 in cost per conversion.

In addition, there was a 3x reduction in the cost per click, while growing the conversion rate to 60%. But the most telling successes came in the results: Neighbors Emergency Center saw on a business level - a year-over-year increase of 2.3 average daily patient visits and 815 tracked patient visits over 2 months (people we know were served an ad and then made a visit to a location).

The future of business is not really just being able to make a living for people, and make more money, and go public, and all those kinds of things. But it’s actually the possibility to make a difference in the world.
- Eileen Fisher, Founder and CEO of Eileen Fisher