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As everything has gone digital, businesses are realizing that certain traditional (non-digital) marketing techniques no longer work and that business strategies and implementation may need to be rethought. As with anything new, there are both advantages and disadvantages to everything going digital. The internet introduces a whole world of opportunity, but if you don’t know how to navigate that world to set yourself up for success, it can seem daunting or like it’s not worth the challenge.

Let’s discuss some key points in digital marketing that any business should be aware of to make sure you are leveraging this digital powerhouse (the web) in your favor. We’ll start with the fundamentals, discussing websites, digital ads, and social media and what you can do in these areas to build your digital presence.

Visibility – Can your customers find you online?

One of the most important considerations for a business is whether or not your customers can FIND you. Of course, you need a website. However, if your customers can’t find your website, it doesn’t matter how great your site is or what you have to offer. Luckily, there are many digital marketing techniques you can use to gain visibility on the web.

Be SEEN Online

Find out what your customers are searching for. If you sell jackets but don’t mention on your site that they are only SPORTS jackets or SUIT jackets, people are going to show up to your website and feel misdirected. Or people that are specifically looking for suit jackets may not get directed to your site because you didn’t show up high enough in their search results.

There are some great online tools that can help you gain industry and digital marketing insights about your clients and their customers as well as gather data about keywords and SEO. Some popular ones that we use are Google Analytics, SEMrush, and Yoast.

Relevant Digital Content

When content isn’t optimized (unfortunately, something that happens often), missed opportunities can occur. Even if you’re selling what someone is looking for, if the content on your website or in your digital marketing strategies isn’t optimized to match what users are typing into a search engine, you won’t show up in search results. You’re ultimately missing out on business and potential sales, without even realizing it.

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Your content needs to be relevant, specific, informative, and interesting. It should answer customers’ questions when they land on your site. A keyword tool can help find what particular words and phrases your customers are typing into search engines. SEMrush or even Google’s Keyword Planner can help with this or check out our blog post, “Optimizing Your Content for SEO” for more helpful information.

Be User-Friendly

Did your digital marketing approach land a customer on your website? That’s great! When they get there they should be able to find what they’re looking for easily. Determine what their path is when they land on your site. If they were looking for something when they arrived, where would they go next? The navigation and site information should be laid out in a way that takes the user on the journey they’re after. You want to help them get the answer they need, whether it be a form, map, phone number, or product. If they have to search too long, or if what they’re looking for is too difficult to find, they’ll just drop off.

Another way to test this is to have someone outside of your company go through your site and see if they find it easy to navigate. Take whatever suggestions they have and consider making changes if needed. There are also many great options for tracking website visitor traffic that you can use, one of the most popular being Google Analytics.

Use Digital Marketing to Your Benefit

Find out who your audience is and target them with online ads. There are many different options, so it’s good to set up some advertising goals that are relevant to your business and go from there. Digital marketing can always be tweaked as time goes on and as data comes in to make sure it’s working for you.

A great way to get started with online advertising and discover your audience is to hire an agency to help you out. We’re available – contact us!

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Be different – Stand out from the competition

  • Show your unique stance to solve customers’ problems without saying, “Hey, we’re better than the other guys.” People want to see how you’re better and why you’re different without you saying those exact words. This requires taking the time to actually think about how you differ from your competition (which may require some research).
  • Customers want to feel like they’re dealing with other humans who actually care. Make sure the information you think matters to potential customers is available for them to see. Another great platform for this is social media.
  • Get more tips on differentiating from your competition on our blog, “Why You Shouldn’t Be Everywhere the Competition Is.”
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Use social media platforms in your digital marketing plan

Social media platforms can be great to help businesses BACK UP their statements and show who they really are. All your digital endeavors should work together to create a congruent message. Customers want to know that you really are who you say you are. If you’re not utilizing at least one or two social platforms, it could make your company less visible and seemingly less legitimate. A great resource to find out how social media could help your business is this article from Hootsuite, “22 Benefits of Social Media for Business.”

Be patient with your digital marketing efforts

Digital efforts don’t always show immediate results, so be patient. I asked our digital strategist for insight about a reasonable wait time before seeing results from digital marketing. This is what she had to say, “It usually takes at least 6 months for organic to start showing progress, though there are no guarantees on how long it will take. You could see movement sooner or later than that. If we’re talking about paid, that’s much more immediate. They could expect to see results shortly after going live if they have healthy budgets and good targeting.”

So keep in mind that just because it takes a while doesn’t mean it’s not working. Give digital marketing some time to generate data and feedback before determining whether something is or isn’t working.

We can help with your digital strategy

Red Thread Brands is a full-service marketing agency that uses tools like brand strategy, employee communications, social media, google ads, and website development to create connections between companies and their customers, teams, and communities. We’d love to help you in your marketing efforts!

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