Blog personas and cards graphic

As we cautiously turn the corner this New Year, we hopefully have had some time to self-reflect and set intentions. Now it’s time to put that passion into action. Let us help! We created a blog roundup, curating our content based on what we think will be the most helpful for you based on your personality.


dreamer persona card - girl looking through binoculars

Blog Roundup Persona #1: The Dreamer –

curious, open-minded. Brings novel ideas that take the team to the next level.

  • morning beverage: spiced chai latte
  • Knows your team’s astrology charts
  • Surprisingly is never late to a meeting
girl balancing on one leg, blog persona - connector

Blog Roundup Persona #2 The Connector –

intuitive, thrives on collaboration, always seeking ways to improve communication, and finds creative solutions to roadblocks

  • morning beverage: a shared pot of Earl Grey
  • holds a current local library card
  • Requests everyone’s camera to be on at meetings
guy looking outside, strategist persona card

Blog Roundup Persona #3: The Strategist –

practical, establishes processes to efficiently meet goals, manifests AND wrangles squirrels

  • morning beverage: iced latte with vanilla
  • Is always the first on Slack in the mornings
  • Has a tattoo that says TCB
woman leader with hand to forehead looking ahead, inherent leader persona card

Blog Roundup Persona #4: The Inherent Leader –

sees the big picture, creates grounded and inspiring paths from present to future

  • morning beverage: lavender cold brew with oat milk
  • is not-so-secretly an empath
  • lives and dies by Brené Brown podcasts
hand holding a mobile phone, investigator persona card

Blog Roundup Persona #5: The Investigator –

a tinkerer, an early adopter, doesn’t fear the unknown and has a natural ability to predict trends

  • morning beverage: black pour-overs made at home
  • has no organization process, yet can find any random item
  • really, really loves stickers

Which one resonates with you? Drop us a line and let us know what goals you’re setting for yourself this year and how we can help you meet them.